Conversation about How to Improve English Spelling

Spelling is the combination of alphabetic letters to form a written word. It is a process of correct writing with the necessary letters and diacritics present in a comprehensible, usually standardized order.

Conversation between Two Friends about How to Improve English Spelling

Jessy: Hello Rimi, How is your exam going on?

Rimi: Yes, fine. But I have some problem in my English exam.


Jessy: What type of problem it is?

Rimi: Actually, I am well in grammar and composition but I have so much spelling mistake in exam hall.


Jessy: Hmm, that’s really a great problem. If you want to get good score in exam you must write the word with appropriate spelling. Though there are two types of spelling in English language. American and British but that is not problem in exam hall. Because both are international recognized.

Rimi: How can I improve my spelling skill?


Jessy: You have to follow the rules but first you have to know about syllable. Syllable is the part of word which joinly makes a word on the basis of pronunciation.

Rimi: Okay, if you made it more clearly I would be very glad.


Jessy: Suppose the word  ‘concentration’ this word 4 syllable like as ‘con’ + ‘cen’ + ‘tra’ + ‘tion’. When you hear any word, just try to find out how many syllable in the word have. Some word has one syllable(go), some has two syllable(Wor-ker), some three syllable(po-llu-tion) and also some words have 4+ syllable(pro-nun-cia-tion).

Rimi: Good. Is that all?


Jessy: No, not at all. You will also have some knowledge about suffix-prefix. Then one day, you will be able to write the word with right spelling. If you have more problems, come to our Language club. I will give you more direction in there.

Rimi: Oh, sure. I need to know. Thank you for your guideline. Have a good time. See you later.

Jessy: Bye. Take care.

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