Definition and Classification of Present Tense with Example

Definition of Present Tense:  The first condition of writing English accurately is tense. For this reason tense is the soul of English language. The importance of tense can’t be described. Present tense is a kind of tense which describe every actions which happens in the present time. Example: I like ice cream. আমি আইসক্রিম পছন্দ করি। You go to meet him. …

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Definition and Classification of Tense with Example

Definition of Tense:  The time of accomplishing any action of a verb is called Tense. Verb এর কোন কাজ সম্পন্ন হওয়ার সময়কে Tense বলে। I live in Dhaka City. আমি ঢাকায় বাস করি। He was doing his job. সে তার কাজ করছিল। You will be in Rajshahi tomorrow. তুমি আগামীকাল রাজশাহী তে থাকবে। Classification of Tense: Tense তিন প্রকার। যথাঃ …

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