7 Steps of a Professional Presentation

Why we need Presentation? 

Effective presentation skills are vital as a result of the assist keep a presentation fascinating, facilitate the presenter communicate confidently and encourage the audience to pay attention. Some essential presentation skills are: making selection. Speaking with best perfectibility.

Professional Presentation’s Steps: 

  1. Greetings.
  2. Introduction of yourself.
  3. Brief discussion / definition of your topics.
  4. Causes / History /Reason / Scenario.
  5. Future / Result.
  6. Conclusion or Your opinion.
  7. Farewell.

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Description of Presentation Steps:


Hello, everybody, good morning. How are you all? I hope fine.

5.00 am to 11.59 pm = Good Morning.

12.00 pm to 2.00 pm = Good Noon.

2.00 pm to 5.00 pm = Good Afternoon.

5.00 pm to 10 pm = Good Evening.

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Introduction of yourself & Family Status:

I would like to introduce myself at first. My name is Mis. Jerry Millar. So, you can call me: Jerry.

My home district is ……(District name). That means, I am from …. (District name). You know ,… (District name) is a well famous place in Bangladesh. It is mainly famous for … ( specialty of your district). Most of the people in my district are Educated and they are also hospitable and peaceful. I feel proud to be a son of … (district name).

Okay, now I want to (wana) give you a brief introduction of my family. We are the five family members. I’m the elder son of my parents. My father is a farmer/business man/service holder/teacher/lawyer. My mother is a service holder/teacher/freelancer/housewife. I love family and so they do. They support me a lot to continue my study smoothly. I feel proud to be a member such as family.

Present Status for Student:

Actually, I’m a student. I’m studying in BSC/BBA/MBA at Dhaka University / Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology / Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology / ……(your university). My major subject is English (your subject) and also it’s my favorite subject. It is favorite because it’s very easy to me and I enjoy to study in this subject. I want to do something in my career life through this subject. I have completed my HSC from …( your collage) and SSC from…(your school).

Present Status for Service Holder:

I am a service holder. My company name is… I am proud to be an employee of … (company name).

I am working in a friendly environment. You know it’s well reputed company in Bangladesh/World. I’ve been doing this job for two years. This type of job is very tough to do. I’ve a lot of responsibility but only for good management and a friendly working environment and I can do this work easily. I maintain my family through this job. I always try my best to do my duty with a great responsibility. As my post is very important, I’m very sincere of my task as well as my boss and colleagues are very cooperative.

Future Plan & Conclusion:

After completing my study, I want to be a business man / successful engineer / go abroad / … (your aim). You know, the present economic situation is very hard to maintain ones family. So, I want to do… (Your aim). I want to maintain my family. Besides this, I want to serve the county. Through this job/business, I want to be an honest business man / service holder.

Finally, I want to be the best business man / service holder / freelancer in this country / world.


I’m very glad to get opportunity to say something here. Thanks Mr. X / Y / Z / Honorable Chairman / Company to give me opportunity.  And thank you all to listen/ watch this programme patiently. See you later.

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